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Slaughter plants

We have 8 slaughter plants distributed in three provinces. In the province of Buenos Aires: Pinazo, located in Pilar, Cahuane, in Capitán, Wade 1 in Ezeiza, Wade 2 in Esteban Echeverría. In the Province of Entre Ríos, La China and Becar, both in the city of Concepción del Uruguay, Avex, in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba and Melilla, in Montevideo, Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

These plants slaughter an average of 750,000 birds daily, applying the most strict and modern quality regulations audited by national and international bodies. All the plants are fully automatized, with advanced technology. They have automatized eviscerating lines, mechanical cut systems, automated deboners, water cooling systems and air cooling systems, spiral freezers, continuous cooling tunnels and storage areas for refrigerated and frozen products.


350 - Wade S.A. 1708 - Super S.A.
1304 - Wade S.A. 4782 - Granja Tres Arroyos SACAFEI
1310 - Avícola Capitán Sarmiento S.A. 4491 - Avex S.A.
1610 - Granja Tres Arroyos SACAFEI 43 - Granja Tres Arroyos Uruguay S.A.