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Our establishments

We have strategically located establishments and model facilities equipped with the most advanced technology.

Grandparent farms

Pedigree birds

In Santa Elena, Entre Ríos, we have a very modern production complex, located in an isolated area and free of pollution. Nine new farms where built here: three breeder farms and six laying farms. The complex includes a feed mill and a hatchery plant, thus guaranteeing birds’ health and innocuousness.​​​​​​​

Parent farms

The aim of breeding is to obtain healthy animals of superior quality that can transfer these conditions to the chicks they produce. After this, they are taken to the laying farms where they produce fertile eggs.

Hatchery plants

In the hatchery plants located in the Province of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos, eggs for bb chicks are incubated for the production of bb chicks. Granja Tres Arroyos was the first company that used “in ovo” vaccination; 18-days embryos are vaccinated in order to develop immunity. Once the process has finished, the animals are taken to modern raising farms, both our own and integrated farms, so as to reach the average weight required in good hygiene and welfare conditions.

Broiler farms

Once the chickens are born in the hatchery plants, they are transported in special trucks to the raising farms fully equipped with the latest technology necessary to provide the animal welfare required. After they have reached the desired average weight for commercialization, they are loaded into trucks in order to be taken to the slaughter plants.

Feed mills

The feed mills are located in the provinces of Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Chaco. We have exclusive feed mills for breeders and others for broilers. In order to guarantee the quality of the raw material such as feed, they are equipped with their own labs for microbiological, chemical and physical quality control.

Slaughter plants

We have 8 slaughter plants distributed in three provinces. In the province of Buenos Aires: Pinazo, located in Pilar, Cahuane, in Capitán, Wade 1 in Ezeiza, Wade 2 in Esteban Echeverría. In the Province of Entre Ríos, La China and Becar, both in the city of Concepción del Uruguay, Avex, in Rio Cuarto, Córdoba and Melilla, in Montevideo, Oriental Republic of Uruguay.​​​​​​​

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Further processed products

Our Research & Development Department is constantly searching for products which allow us to me closer to the new food and eating habits of our society, offering a wide range of breaded, fried, marinated, grilled and steamed products. This offers the possibility of preparing healthy and nutritive food which is also easy to cook and delicious. In this way, we keep offering more and better solutions for the eating time of the families, both in Argentina and around the world.

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Processed food plant

Pork processing plant located in Colón, province of Buenos Aires, has a production capacity of 1,000 tons of industrialized products with raw materials and selected recipes.

It has its own R&D labs, as well as microbiological, physical and chemical analysis.

Since 2014, vertical integration was achieved with the acquisition of the operative center Superporco: pork raising farms and balanced feed plant, located in Concepción del Uruguay, province of Entre Ríos.

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Dehydrated products plant

The production of dehydrated products is another sector of business with a production plant in Zárate, Province of Buenos Aires, where we produce powdered bird products used for the elaboration of broth and soup.

We apply the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOPs) and the development of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). In this plant, we also manufacture palatant agents (liquids and powder), which are systems of ingredients specially designed to strengthen the flavor of pet food.​​​​​​​

Dairy farms

In Granja Tres Arroyos, we currently produce milk in the dairy farms Prolech and Doña Carolina, located in Santa Elena, Province of Entre Ríos and Bransden, Pronvince of Buenos Aires. The dairy farm Doña Carolina has been chosen as one of the best dairy farms of the country. Its quality is due to the Holstein race that allows us to produce milk of less than 10,000 cfu and low somatic cell count. ​​​​​​​