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Terms and Conditions

Use and access

These terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions”) shall be applied to the users (hereinafter “User” or “Users”, interchangeably), the use and access to the service, and the webpage (hereinafter, the “Webpage”).

As User it is understood any person who accesses the website, who enters, navigates, uses or participates in the services and activities developed in the Webpage.

Users’ liabilities

The use of this webpage implies the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Users, who accept to use this webpage pursuant to the laws of the Argentine Republic concerning any product or service offered by this webpage and accepts the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The User is obliged to respect the generally accepted moral and good behaviour and to comply with the public order.

The Users shall be exclusively responsible for the confidentiality and the use of their user’s identification and password (used both by the user or by any other person). The User shall follow any reasonable instruction given through this Webpage in order to assure the confidentiality of the user’s identification and prevent that any other person who is not duly authorized can access the service. Any instruction, acceptance made under the identification and password of the user will be interpreted as made by the authorized User. The breach of these Terms and Conditions will grant Granja Tres Arroyos S.A. (hereinafter GTA) or any person addressed by them, the possibility to withdraw the right as a registered User from the offender, and thus, the access to this webpage will be denied and GTA will have the right to request legal damages that this cause might have led into.

Intellectual property

All the contents of this webpage, including but not limited to the texts (including comments, presentations and copies), graphs, logos, icons, images, audio and video files, software and every and each of the characteristics founds in the webpage exclusively belong to GTA on a permanent basis. The User is obliged not to act in any way that violates or infringes this intellectual property and to accept all necessary measures to preserve and protect these rights.

The contents are protected by the copyright and the user is not allowed to modify, copy, reproduce, republish, translate, use the information, transfer or distribute the content of the webpage by any means, content that shall be used neither for their own sake or for third parties’. Facing any situation that implies the violation of this obligation by the Users or by third parties linked to them, it is GTA’s right to take action.

Limitation of liability

The use of this webpage will be the exclusive responsibility of the User. Said responsibility shall be extended to the use, by the User or third parties, of any password or other identification code provided for the Access of the webpage or to any of its services. Notwithstanding this, the webpage has the right to decline, at any time and without the need of prior notice or expressed reason, the Access to the webpage to any user who fails to follow this general conditions, or the particular conditions that shall apply in each case.

The User takes complete responsibility, for GTA and for third parties, for legal damages of any kind that may arise or may result from the use of the webpage, being the user’s obligation to compensate and to keep GTA and third parties undamaged for any claim (including professional fees) that may arise from the assumptions expressed.

The access and use of this webpage by any person under legal age is under the exclusive responsibility of their parents and tutors, and the use implies adults’ authorization, exempting GTA of any responsibility resulting from it.
The Users and their parents or tutors –in case the User is under legal age– understand and accept that:
a) using the webpage is at their own risk;
b) GTA does not guarantee that the webpage is adequate for their needs;
c) the webpage can be either freely interrupted or suspended by GTA or due to any other reason;
d) the webpage might contain mistakes;
e) GTA reserves the right to end the webpage;
f) GTA shall not be responsible for any damage, either direct or indirect, or any other consequence, including but not limited to damages resulting from the lost or damage of information; or any other type of damage, or damages related to the User or third parties that access the website;
g) The User and/or parent or tutor is the only person responsible for the content of the information shared in this webpage.

Duration and modification

GTA shall modify, totally or partially, the terms and conditions herein stated, publishing any change in the same way as this general conditions are published or by any other kind of comment addressed to the Users. Thus, the time validity of these terms and conditions coincides with the time of its publication in the webpage until they are partially or totally modified.

GTA shall finish, suspend or interrupt, at any time and without prior notice, the access to the contents of the webpage, and no compensation shall be demanded by the User. This being the case, the restrictions about the use of the content mentioned hereinbefore will remain valid.

Protection of personal data

The owner of the personal data can assert their right to the data free of charge at periods no shorter than six months, except that they prove a legitimate interest pursuant to what is established in section 14 subsection 3 of the Act 25326. The National Directorate of Personal Data Protection (Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales), control body of the Act 25326, is who receives complaints and claims related to the failure to fulfill the regulations about personal data protection. The owner shall, at any time, require the withdrawal or blocking of their names from the data bank mentioned herein (Act 25326, section 27, subsection 3). ​​​​​​​

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